No one can deny that there, a second "Haflinger Breed" was founded after a turbulent period in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, we have also become a member of this association. However, without that we KVTH want to turn his back.

It is very unfortunate that the unit Haflinger-loving Netherlands suffered a dent. The Haflinger horses are our passion and help us to work on the care farm. They'll never be a reason for finding conflicts, with anyone.

As long as both associations permit, we will either remain members and remain committed to the breed.

We also want to connect with everyone who cares about the Haflinger; in which association he or she is connected.

We have had no part in the conflicts of the past months, indeed, We have this and that encouraged to continue dialogue and to find a solution.

Leestensch court

Family Smeltink

Stallion 2013

At the stallion 2013 was Nordstern 1c and 1b placed Whetu.

Also Whetu's son, Walibi of the Pants, was awarded a first premium.

Photo Joshua Keller

Photo Joshua Keller

Photo Joshua cellar

Photo Joshua cellar

Haflingerdag Lunteren

The haflingerdag began with the foal championship, which all "1a and 1b inserted" foals of the Netherlands to take part were.
Because we live in North Holland-Utrecht colt 1a and 1a and 1b filly had, We traveled with three foals to Lunteren.

Of all invited colts, were the first to review the best four colts and the best five fillies called forward.

At the colts if our Nymo van 't Hof Leestensch (Lady of the Engelbertsweg x Nordsee)allowed to join the last foals drawing. Nymo was a lot younger than his opponents and therefore less developed, but let, as the central Inspection, beautiful movements see.
Whistler the Honesch (Lieske x Whetu) was reserve champion.

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National 2012

At the National Exhibition 2012, We Whetu registered for the heading "stallions with descendants".
Except Whetu, was only Allacher registered. Allacher has already earned its preferred status. Of course, this stallion has long been active and has a stamp printed in the breeding.
In this sense it was no match for Whetu Allacher, but that could not be expected.
Well got a shiny Whetu comment. He then ordered a wonderful group offspring:
Nadia Landman of Life: foal champion and two-time junior champion.
Nichelle Landman of Life: two-time junior champion and invited the elite verification
Maeije of the Eastern: keuring-best, vintage best, invited for the elite inspection
Farida van 't Bakkershok: keuring best-ever awarded first premiums
Caya van 't Hof leestensch: foal champion and junior champion

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Survey Results 2012

Central Inspection North Holland-Utrecht:

Our horses took good results at the Central Inspection North Holland-Utrecht. Especially because we own breeding mainly in the job we had were extra proud; also on our stallions Nordsee and Whetu who were known to be the father of the young horses:

Nymo van 't Hof Leestensch (Nordsee x Lady of Engelbertsweg), 1 a colts. Nymo showed an unprecedented show trot, he "flew" by the actual job! He received a great compliment from jury chairman Jan Oonk.

Tess van 't Hof Leestensch (Whetu x Topdame the Root ), 1a filly foal champion and general.

Colette van 't Hof Leestensch, 1b filly foal champion and reserve.

Caya 't Leestensch court (Whetu x Carmen Brokert), 1a two year old fillies, juvenile champion.

In the three-year-old mares, two daughters Whetu-recorded 76,5 1a and 1b and at the same time points. Lise van 't Hof Leestensch (Lady of the Engelbertsweg) of the family Sinn Ecker was the first to draw, Annabel oet Pants Region (Anika of grass peel, fokker fam. Rozema) Jose Hes-Their Kink, as a second. The recordings of Whetu this year were great. These two mares were ultimately the two with the lowest number of points!

 Lise van 't Hof Leestensch (owner: fam. Sinnecker)

Lise van 't Hof Leestensch (owner: fam. Sinnecker)

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Stallions inspection 2012

At the stallion 2012 was a son of Whetu from his first crop, Walibi 't Broek approved for breeding.
Walibi was bred by Nel and Wim Oolman and was from birth a particular animal.
Walibi's mother is the Nabucco daughter Vanessa.
The Walibi name was coined by a young girl with Wim to the newborn foal came to see. A few months after the approval Walibi's namesake deceased to the disease that most of her short life in his grip had.

Nordstern HK2012

Our stallion Nordstern (North Sea) received at the stallion 2012 a first premium.

walibi inspection 2012

inspection results 2011

Ance central North Holland - Utrecht, Hoofddorp;

Armin van 't Hof Leestensch (Anthony Root) was the sixth foal champion in a row our stable, while Caree van 't Hof Leestensch (Whetu) Reserve Champion was.
Waylon van 't Hof Leestensch (Whetu) 1b was the colts.

At the yearling mares was Caya 't Leestensch court 1b placed.

Although we do not have two mares had, it was a nice section for Whetu, two of his daughters received a first premium and stood 1a and 1b (Annabel oet Pants Region enLise van 't Hof Leestensch.

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